How To Play

We will go into specific issues in other posts but here is a brief rundown of how to play


Spades is a plain-trick game played by two to six players. For our purposes, we are referring to a four-player game. If you do not already know how to play Spades, I suggest you play that until you have a grip on bidding and the give-and-take of partnering and basic strategies before you move on to Suicide.

In Suicide, one person from each team must nil. The person bidding nil also has the option of bidding blind nil (or double nil) which, if successful, earns the team double nil points, 200 instead of 100.

Obviously, there are frequently what are called “auto-set” hands in which a successful nil is not possible. When that happens, the set team should then attempt to set the opposing nil and/or the bid, or bag them, without setting your own team’s bid. Double sets are costly, especially when it is a double nil set. We will have a separate post on bagging.

So that’s pretty much it. One member of each team declares nil, the other declares a number of tricks, then the teams have at it, each bid player trying to cover their partner’s nil while looking for opportunity to set the opponents’, and the nil players monitoring the soundness of their hand in the event it becomes necessary to bust in order to have an opportunity to inflict damage on the other team’s nil and/or bid or bag situation.


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