Rules & Tips

I will be adding to and modifying this list of rules and tips for achieving more successful results. If you don’t see one here you know, or if you have a different opinion, please share in the comments.

  • Always strive to understand who has what cards so that you can derive the greatest benefit from the hand.
  • The player who declares the first unforced trick bid frequently has the ace of spades. This can be useful to remember when you are a forced nil and either have a high spade, or spades, or believe there is an opportunity to set the opposing team’s nil. If you and your partner are void in an off-suit being run by the other team and you throw your highest spade across, your partner should play the ace, thereby depriving the other team of its cover.
  • You bid if you have the ace or an auto-setting combination of spades, such as both the king and queen or queen, jack 10 or jack, 10, 9 and another spade.
  • Four spades is not unusual, most often coverable.
  • Five spades is significantly more difficult for the bid to protect and should not be nil bid unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • If you have no significant spades, little potential cover and an off suit with two cards, ace high, bid nil.
  • If your nil partner plays low to high, THEY ARE SET. Stop covering and starting working to set the opps.
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